Save bits of content you consume for future use.

Select your preferred phrase, paragraph, or heading, right-click, and add it to Verine.

Sync your saved content with +1000 applications using our Zapier integration (coming soon).

How does it work?

1. Install Verine

Verine is available for Chrome in the Google Chrome store
(soon on Safari and Firefox).

Get it from the link below:

2. Save your best pieces of content

Select a piece of content. Right Click. Add it to Verine.

It's that simple!

3. Manage your content

Edit, delete, and clean your content whenever you want.

With our Pro account (coming soon), you can even sync it to your other applications.

For content creators

Back up your saved content, schedule your sharing on Twitter, and create automation with Zapier using Verine Pro (coming soon).

Pre-launch price 15$:


per month

Reserve your pre-launch price by subscribing via email:

Verine is a Google Chrome Extension to save content for future use. Developed by Ahmed (@elazzabi_)